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It May Not Be About Somewhere But Someone


2014-08-09 13.57.03Yesterday my grandson and I did a “whirlwind” of some cool places. One he did not want to got until we got there. But upon walking through the door, his mind changed. The second place we arrived that he had wanted to go, turned out that his interest was not in what we had come for, but something else there. And the third he wanted to kind of race through not understanding someone else’s value. And it was flowers…(The last time I had been there was with my mom.) Continue reading It May Not Be About Somewhere But Someone

Dreams That Lead To Sound Thinking

heargod2I had something pretty much already for this morning’s post on mentoring. Then I went to bed and the dreams kept coming and coming. So, let me share them with you and the connection I have found.

The first dream took me to this place that seemed rural yet populated. There was a man who was singing “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer out danger. I ‘d hammer out injustice…” Now at 3 in the morning I thought that was pretty weird,I will take a note and go back to sleep. (I did.) The dream came back. Someone had given him a hammer.And he was hitting a large steel girder placed in the ground. With each swing of the hammer, the resounding noise would cause the things about to “straighten”, to come into line. The longer he hit the more the “earth” developed harmony and order. Continue reading Dreams That Lead To Sound Thinking

Time To Stop The Religion Train

can we talkBefore the critics run after me over the use of the word religion, let me bring clarity to the word itself. First James talks about “pure religion” in James 1:27. “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” So, with that said, I believe there is a religion that adds value.

When many of my friends talk about the religious or religion or religiosity we are describing the actions that bring business and not relationship. The following of rules without the knowledge of One who cares for them. Continue reading Time To Stop The Religion Train

Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Don’t lose your vision.

This morning as I looked out my window the sun was shining, illuminating the foliage, bringing fire to the trees and their leaves.

I thought, “Lord, what do you have for me?”

I saw a few things.

I saw tanks pulling in across the horizon. The Lord showed me there was an all out attack on grace and it’s ability to change people…and to leave it alone. That He had it. Personally, I pretty much gave up being a grace policeman in the kingdom a while ago. People attack me and friends of mine. I saw the tanks go after people and men hunting the “perpetrators” of the message. Continue reading Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Giving Up On Life – Let Me Off!

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Have you stopped moving ahead? Have you pulled the “vehicle” to the side to let the “faster, younger, informed” ones pull by? Have you given up because it is too hard, too far, too much or too high? Have you confessed your last confession, declared your last declaration and prayed your last prayer because of fear, hurt or pain are causing you to stop? You might be in better company than you think.

I have noticed a lot of people who have said “I cannot do this ANYMORE!” Children, grandchildren, parents, jobs, friends have just become too much. “I want off this train. Out of this world. Stop the bus!” Many have read the book (The Bible) saw the last chapter and said “we win.” And then thrown it out into the future for “when they get home.” But what about now? Today? It says “we win” today…tomorrow and the next day. How? We change the earth. We cause it to look like heaven. Continue reading Giving Up On Life – Let Me Off!

The Woman Who Wanted – Constraining The Prophet

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Yesterday I wrote of the widow Elisha went to, her two sons and the story of the vessels being filled. This is the story of the woman (2 Kings 4:8) who wanted and went to Elisha. This woman was well of, married. She lived in Shunem, a place meaning “uneven.” Previous mentions in scripture indicate this was under the allotment given to the tribe of Issachar. It is also the site of the gathering of the Philistine army against Saul, where he was so frightened he turned to the witch of Endor. It was a farming community through which Elisha passed often. There is a divine “yes” here as the Lord shows you the “have” and the “have not”, the barren and the fruitful, one gave-one received, the married and the widow.

Why is this background important one might ask. The Bible is laden with hidden truths, layers of revelations. Think about it. Not a woman of need, but barren, having no children. Come on! If this was not a set up for God, in a place of unevenness, I do not know what is.  A place where the “sons of Issachar” A place where the “sons of Issachar” (Their name means “there is recompense.” Wow!) had been given their reward. The same tribe that God said “And of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command.” 1 Chronicles 12:32 (By the way did you see that “all their kinsmen” statement? Huge!) A place that fear had struck. Continue reading The Woman Who Wanted – Constraining The Prophet

Three Dreams July 26th 2013

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Last night I was in the dream “washing” machine. Dream after dream. Thought after thought. These are three that I thought were relevant.

1-The first dream I found myself avoiding those who had evil thoughts for my life. In my possession, I had the secrets of a world to come on a 9” floppy disk.  (Upon waking my first thought, was my grandson’s digital watch holds more information!) “Detrimental truths” of the goodness of the Lord were upon it. The realities of Christ described. Continue reading Three Dreams July 26th 2013