A Fire In New England

goodnewsMany are looking for a fresh word. Are you? I mentioned that yesterday because at best the vessel of prophetic can be viewed with disdain or wrongful allegiance. People often times either love or hate the prophetic. Some may be out of ignorance, some out of having been manipulated or hurt by it.

Many years ago I was in a meeting with a man who became a dear friend over the years. We were talking about how hard it was at that point in time to get a meeting and prophesy because so many had been involved in bad prophecy or “lone ranger” prophetic. (“Hey, if you don’t like me a pox upon your house” mentality by various prophetic voices had sparked resistance.) I myself had faced many the prophet who spoke negative words, words of condemnation and a revelation of “sin” in lives.Folks, I make mistakes. Yesterday, with a small group of friends I shared some of my most difficult times. Sometimes you want something so bad for someone or someone wants something so bad from you it triggers misfires. How does that happen? I can only accept it is because of the power of the human spirit. And sometimes you just read it wrong. (No one gets healing right every time or deliverance each time. At least not yet!  People die despite great efforts in many cases to see them raised. BUT when it is a prophetic voice…There is a reason that there is safety in taking a word subject to other prophets. Are they false evangelists when people do not get saved? )

Have you been hurt by people? What is your response?

If you have been wondering what do I believe as a prophetic voice and leader, you may want to click on some of these links.

Last night I had the following dream.

Myself and two well-known prophets were speaking at a meeting. After the first session in which each one of us shared for 15-20 minutes we had left the room and were walking down the hall to a place to rest for an hour and prepare for the next sessions.

While walking down the hall the older prophet said to me “you can relax, we have it.” I looked at him and just kind of stared. The other man went into this “robotic” type of dance and said to me “you are not a machine. Just relax.” They continued to “poke fun” at me until we arrived at the area to rest. As we walked into the room I felt that I was to speak some things and shared that with them. (In real life for days I have seen a river of gold, gold nugget, gold ware, etc..) A river of gold began to pour into the room. It was not hot but it flowed rapidly and quickly flooded the area. They began to become frightened.

newenglandI awoke.

I do not think this dream is about them or even just me or personal to me. I respect both of these men and hold their ministries highly. Geographically we live worlds apart. And I think that is the key for part of this. Here are some thoughts I feel were spoken to.

  • New England-We are not the “frozen chosen”, (but we are chosen) though it is a heck of a day to say that…12°. We are not culturally inept, socially stoic or unable to hold our own. We carry the wealth of the world in our wings. Sutters Mill has nothing on us. We are about to see a gold rush of global proportions. Inventions and technology are being readied. (Two days ago I saw “free electricity” sign in a vision. There is power, power in the name of Jesus. I think we are going to see power advances.) We are about to become a treasure trove. Many will come to discover. Universities will be turned over to the power of God. The appearance of “higher learning” is belonging to the Kingdom. We are going to see AND are seeing a move of God. (Color your view with darkness and darkness you will see. Open your eyes W-I-D-E to His amazing light.) Believe for the impossible. Walk with eyes open to treasure and opportunity.
  • Uniqueness-There is unity in our diversity. You have heard it said but today is the day to be “be okay” with your uniqueness.  Even as I mentioned schools there are “universities of diversities” that will appear and walk together.
  • A Walk of Love-The steps of a righteous man are ordered by God and part of the “ordering” is the walk of love. Open your hearts to people and live life.
  • A Proving Ground-A proving ground is where testing and analysis of projects, weapons, etc., is done. A proving ground is where proof is sought. One of the definitions of proofing is the final step of rest in baking where fermentation takes place. There is a leaven that leavens and “proofs” a bread. It is in the proving ground that proof is found to be truth. The truth of Gods words have been in a rest period in our New England area. But there has been a fermentation that has resulted in the bubbling that is coming forth. There is a new wine upon us. Last but not least. John 2:1-11 The testing has been done. It is being established as a reality.
  • Homogeny of Progeny-People will walk with arms linked, brother with brother and the good news will be brought forth in might, power, love and grace. There will be an understanding of commonality and paternity in Him. We will care for one another. 1 Corinthians 12:26
  • Good News-There is going to be an OUTPOURING of Good News in New England. People are going to post the good news on their Facebook wall and Tweets. At first the discoveries may be hard, even difficult but you will see people posting articles and news of restored lives, technological leaps and outpourings of Goodness. (Stop posting the bad news!)
  • Children-Oh there is a “run on children.” The shelves are emptying! They are entering the aisles and changing the storehouse! New England is birthing an army of young lovers of His presence carrying the weightiness of heaven. The spirit of God is upon them to preach good news and heal the broken hearted. These young people are the product of revived hearts and intimacy itself.
  • The War Is Over-Did you see that HE WON? Walk and talk like you know it! All control was relinquished at the cross.

Will you believe?

My friends in the dream. They understood what they do. They do it well. But there is newness in New England that is upon us. My friends are not wrong –they are just not here. They were not crafted for here. Designed for here.

  • Wells-We don’t necessarily have to uncap all the old wells, because there are new wells being dug. The redigging of old wells in scripture always opened or surrounded a battle, but here we are. The old wells have served communities and the new wells will serve nations. Whichever way you choose will you still serve water?

There is so much on our horizon. Let us appropriate that which is before us today. I could see all day for New England.

Lately I have been feeling the need to visit cities in New England, to see what God is saying. For the first time in years I look over maps of New England. Not so much for strategy but to reconnect.

I see cities and rivers and mountains all being covered with gold. There is not just “gold in them thar hills” but it is on it and through it.

At the heart of what is seen is the heart of the Lord for His people. ALL his people. For God so loved the world…His message of grace is for all, not a select few or a remnant. He is not looking to destroy His enemies but to love them. And He is desirous to use you for His carrying the message.


 (Lee is the prophetic leader at The Village Church.)




Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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